Children as young as 6-weeks are nurtured for by a caring staff. Our goal is to make them feel as comfortable as they do at home. Our infants have their own crib, safe play areas, and watchful eyes to make sure they are cared for completely. 


Every day is an adventure in the toddler room as new things come up for children throughout the day. From group play and sharing activities to learning to cooperate with each other, this is a time when children hit their stride, begin to discover who they are and really thrive.



With Building Foundations Learning Academy, you'll notice a difference in the surroundings as well as in our approach to child care and development. The goal is to create a balanced atmosphere with inviting and stimulating surroundings. We do this for each child by promoting individual learning, engaging in group play, and providing plenty of individual attention. We do regular assessments to record their progress and ensure they are hitting all of their developmental milestones.


Our preschool children have an experience like no other with exciting lesson plans, personalized homework lessons and extracurricular activities. Our children learn advanced techniques ensuring that they are more than ready for kindergarten.