Children as young as 6 weeks are nurtured for by our caring staff. Our goal is to make them feel as comfortable as they do at home. Our infants have their own crib, safe play areas and watchful eyes to make sure they are safe and sound during their stay.


Every day is an adventure in the toddler room. From group play to learning to cooperate with each other, this is a time when children hit their stride, begin to discover who they are and really thrive. Our skilled teachers help toddlers grasp basic concepts and learning lessons.


Our preschool children's  experience includes exciting classroom lessons, personalized homework materials and extracurricular activities. This age group learns advanced techniques to ensure they're  kindergarten-ready. 


BFLA owner and director Rhonda Barnett has been a childcare professional for more than a decade. Her corporate background and love for education and youth are what facilitated the establishment of BFLA in her local community. Barnett’s center actually started as a home daycare and moved into a full-service childcare five years after its inception. With extensive instruction in early childcare development, Barnett now performs many leadership roles to guarantee students, teachers, staff and parents are equipped with the best resources to succeed. Barnett also is a Bright from the Start-approved trainer, helping educators within the state of Georgia gain the appropriate certifications to teach. She even received the Georgia Association of Young Children’s distinguished professional service award for her unwavering work within the industry. Below are the various age groups BFLA serves in its community: